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Who We Are

We are a venture capital company based in the United kingdom, we provides wholesale finance to the manufacturing and service sectors.

We provide accessible financial facilities to clients via a combination of innovative solutions, in a manner which is convenient and personalised.

We offer structured financial services providing innovative solutions to difficult to finance projects and transactions. We work with talented individuals to develop businesses that have potential for significant growth.

MRC provides a specialist balance of management and financial expertise designed to assist growing companies, ideally with wide market and product appeal, to develop their full potential. We like to work as partners with our clients, often supplying a complementary range of strategic and financial skills to those of operating management in the companies concerned, Additionally we are in a position to introduce institutional finance to companies as required, both directly through our own funds and indirectly through our institutional contacts.

Companies with which MRC is involved range from those in an early venture capital stage possessing a product with major prospects to established businesses faced with the problem of regenerating growth. The end objective is the creation of a coherent entity or group in the industry concerned.

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If capital is required MRC's venture and development capital funds are available. If additional finance is required it is normally provided by a syndicate of institutional investors put together by us.

MRC has a science and technology emphasis and a long track record across a wide range of industry sectors. We have a particular knowledge of and experience in the power industry communications, health care, information technology, instrumentation and processing sectors.

MRC has a wide network of industrial contacts and involvements which keep us closely in touch with market developments throughout the world. We also work closely with a number of investment banks, and other financial organisations and essentially see our services as complementary to theirs.

If you are an entreprenuer and you have an excellent idea which has potential for growth and you lack funding, get in touch with one of our project managers to discuss your funding needs.

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